Elihu S series

MACHINE SIZES: 2X4, 4X4 4X8, 5X10

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  • All-In-One CNC Interface

  • Ohmic Sensing (Probe Zero Sensing)

  • Z-Axis Lifter 4″ (Provides 4″ of Z-Axis Travel)

  • 1 year warranty on all CNC electronics (optional extended warranty period)

  • 1 year warranty on all mechanical components (optional extended warranty period)

  • Lifetime Tech Support


  • Collision Detection Head (includes torch squaring and integrated floating head Proximity sensor)

  • 4″ Anti-skid Leveling Feet

  • Intel NUC PC i5 Processor upgradable to i7 Processor

  • Arc Professional – All In One Software (CAD, CAM, CNC)

  • 2 PC Software Licensing

  • ELIHU PC Pedestal with integrated serge protector and wire shielding (Recommended)

  • Rotary Axis Gantry (Optional Lathe Chuck (4″ Diameter)

CNC plasma cutters
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The Best ELIHU-S CNC Plasma Table Systems
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  • Powermax 45XP, Air, 45 Amps

  • Powermax 65, Air, 65 Amps

  • Powermax 85, Air, 85 Amps

3 Phase Only

  • Powermax 105, Air, 105 Amps (208V)

  • Powermax125, Air, 125 Amps (480V)

victor thermal dynamics
  • Cutmaster A40 45XP, Air, 40 Amps

  • Cutmaster A60, Air, 60 Amps

  • Cutmaster A80, Air, 80 Amps

  • Powermax 120, Air, 120 Amps

Victor thermal dynamics
  • Slim Linear Actuator Design (Increasing Cutting Area)

  • 4″ Lifter Height (Included on all Elihu-S Series)

  • Internal Wiring Harness Sub Assembly (For easy diagnosis and repair)

  • Protective Front Enclosure (Covering linear components)

  • Rear Enclosure Protection (Covering Motor Reduction System)

  • Enclosed Cable Carrier (Assisting with management of collision detection wiring and pneumatic hoses)

  • Scribe & Marker Compatible (Available only for Arc Professional Software Package)

z-axis fully integrated multi-process
cost saving welded tube frame
  • Cost Effective Welded Tube Frame Design

  • Rigid Design To Counteract Vibrations and Inertia

  • Dropped Side Rail Design for 3 Side Material Loading

  • 3″ Deep Water Pan

  • 4″ Diameter Leveling Feet With Rubber Pads (Optional)

  • Machined gear rack mounting surface (Easily replaceable)

  • Extended Frame Along Y-Axis For Gantry Parking Zone

  • 225 Degree Pivoting Pedestal Arm Rotation

  • 360 Degree Monitor Rotation & 10 inch Height Adjustment   (Allowing for Easy Screen Viewing Angles and Ergonomic Screen Placement)

  • Full Enclosures With Easy Wire Harness Routing

  • Wiring Harness Protection and Consolidation

  • Hidden 3 Receptacle Power strip

  • Integrated Emergency Stop and Torch ON/OFF

computer station and pedestal options
collision detection head assembly
  • 2 Axis Squaring For Torch Setup (Referred To In Hypertherm Manual)

  • Dual Collision Proximity Sensors (Allowing For Program Stop Within 2 Degrees Out Of Alignment)

  • Front Floating Proximity Sensor (Secondary Touch Off Option If Ohmic Fails To Sense Material)

  • Indexing Cones Design (Provides Torch  Relocating of True Position)

  • Unique Hexagon Geometry (Unlike Competitors Our Collision Detection Head Is Designed And Manufactured By Squickmon’s in the USA)

  • Integrated Positive Z-Axis Homing (No Material Loading Required For Homing)

All Elihu-S Series Systems are Offered in the Sizes Below

  • 2x4
  • 4x4
  • 4x8
  • 5x10
    • Machined .625″ T6 6061 Aluminum Gantry Side Plates

    • Hiwin Style Linear Rail System Across X & Y-Axis with Recirculating Ball Bearing Cassettes (Creating Smooth Linear Motion)

    • 1″ Plate Loading Capacity (For processing material from 26g – 1″ Plate)

    • 2″ Slat Offset (Helps with Tipped parts when Cutting)

    • 4″ Gantry Clearance

    • 16g Steel Gantry Enclosure Protection (Guards Motors And Reduction Assemblies From Impact)

    • Adjustment for Gantry Squaring and Homing Switch Positions

    • Welded Tube Frame (Rigid Design)

    • All Elihu-S Series Systems are Sized To Fit A Standard Sheet Width Relative To Their Designated Machine Size Plus 1-2″ Oversized For Cutting Area (Example a 4×8 Machine has a minimum of 49″x97″ Cutting Area)

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