Marketing Channels For Your CNC Plasma Cutting Business

Marketing Channels for Your CNC Plasma Cutting Business

As a small CNC shop needing more business, you may wonder which marketing channels are ideal for promoting your manufacturing services. The truth is that your potential clients are scattered across various platforms, meaning you need to embrace an omnichannel mindset to successfully grow your business. It’s a matter of executing the right strategies on your clients’ preferred channels so you can attract them to your shop.

Here are some key channels you could start with:

Google Business Profile

This free tool allows you to provide photos and details of your business, including your products, services, and location. Enter your information carefully so that your profile appears when people search for CNC machining services.


If you haven’t built a website yet, now is the time to get your domain name and establish an online presence. You can hire a web developer to create a site for you or use a website builder to build your own site. Modern website builders are quick and easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to customize the design and content to your liking. Because CNC shops aren’t known for having beautiful sites, some work on the site UX’s could help you outshine your competitors.


Having a booth at local trade fairs and community events like “manufacturing day” can also bring exposure to your business. Since these events are about in-person interactions, ensure you have something to show the attendees, such as the CNC plasma cutter you use for custom parts fabrication. Additionally, make sure you can take custom orders at this booth.


Images are a great way to catch your customers’ eyes. Setting up a Pinterest or Instagram profile will help showcase your machines, process, and culture. You can also create boards and curate other content from your industry. Want to post on multiple social media accounts? Use a social scheduling tool like Hootsuite to post on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the same time in a few clicks.

Instagram Hashtags

Continuing with visual platforms, Instagram is a great way to reach more audiences in different markets. This platform comes with additional features, one being hashtags. You can use hashtags like #CNCservices and #metalmanufacturing to get your work to appear on potential clients’ feeds. Instagram may also feature your post if it garners enough likes and comments for a specific hashtag. For the best results, go with hashtags that clearly describe what your business has to offer.


This channel is a prospecting goldmine, but only for CNC shops that put up quality videos. Take some time to record high-quality footage of your machines in action and upload it to your YouTube Business account. Using descriptive titles and appropriate keywords will help your videos appear in front of the intended audience. (Note: Make sure to fill in the About section on YouTube because people may want to know more about your company after watching your manufacturing videos).


Answering questions about CNC machining on Quora will help with word-of-mouth marketing of your business. It will also establish you as a thought leader in the space if you’re consistent enough. Clients may also reach out to you through the contact information listed in your Quora profile. However, you should avoid pitching your services directly because Quora exists to help people find answers to their questions rather than showcase products or services that might interest them.


Directories can also be a viable option for connecting with potential customers. However, such places can be hit or miss depending on how many people visit them. Generally, you’ll find B2B companies visiting directories because they require a high volume of parts and need providers that can handle their requirements. One or two B2B clients can generate more revenue for your business than several clients in the B2C space.

Facebook Ads

As your client base grows, so will your budget to do marketing. You can gear some spending toward Facebook ads and run carousels advertising your services. Facebook ads let you target audiences based on various factors like age, location, industry, etc. Plus, you can control the spending and the length of the campaign. Overall, running ads on Facebook is a great way to reach clients in nearby cities and within your proximity.

These are just a few ways you can attract customers to your business. But remember that while marketing is essential for generating leads, your manufacturing quality and customer service determine whether you’ll get repeat business. So make sure you’re using the right CNC plasma cutting table and doing quality checks while answering customers’ questions about your processes.


As an emerging CNC company in need of more customers, you may be wondering which marketing channels are best for advertising your manufacturing services. Given that your potential clients are spread out across several platforms, you must embrace an omnichannel mindset to successfully grow your organization. Start with the following crucial channels if you want to.

9 Marketing Tips for Plasma Cutting Businesses Infographic

 Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson is the owner and founder of Squickmon's Engineering & Engineering. With over 15 years of fabrication and manufacturing experience, alongside a mechanical engineering degree, he knows exactly what it takes to create a quality product for small fabrication shops as well as large industrial manufacturing companies. He set out to create a company that stands by their products with confidence as well as integrity. His goal was to build a company with a strong foundation, quality product, satisfied customers, and a product that is 100 percent designed and built in the USA.

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