Is a CNC Plasma Table Worth It?

CNC Plasma Table

When you’re in the market for a CNC plasma table, there are many considerations that will determine whether owning one is right for you. Are you using it to fabricate items for your own needs, or will you be selling to others? What volume of cutting do you do, and do you need the greater capacity afforded by a table cutter?

Practically every industry can be aided by the use of a CNC plasma table. Construction, automotive, chemical equipment, locomotives, manufacturing, nuclear, shipbuilding, agriculture, engineering, and salvage and scrap work…all of these and more have needs that can be met by a plasma table.

One of the most obvious benefits of a plasma table is the speed at which you can accomplish precision cuts. Odd angles and shapes are no problem for the plasma table due to the sophisticated software that powers it. And these can be cut at hundreds of inches per minute. The torch on a CNC plasma table heats up almost instantly, so there’s no wait time when you are ready to get to work. Compare this to cutting metal with a torch alone, which is slow and inaccurate.

A plasma table can cut virtually any shape that your project requires. Piercing and beveling are no problem thanks to the software that powers the torch. The CNC plasma machine’s cut is precise up to a fraction of an inch and always yields superior, sharp edges.

You can cut any metal—including aluminum, cast iron, steel, bronze, pewter, lead, titanium, stainless steel, brass, and copper—on a CNC plasma table, with thicknesses of up to 3 inches.

Minimizes Waste
The precision software used to direct the CNC plasma table torch can make the absolute most of the raw materials in your shop. As your efficiency increases, your costs decrease, meaning that used wisely, a CNC plasma table can pay for itself. And once you and your team are fluent in the software, labor costs decrease as well because fewer hands are needed to accomplish the same amount of work.

Simple to Use
Depending on the software you choose, there may be a learning curve until you have mastered the finer points. However, almost anyone can be trained to use it, regardless of their computing background. No coding or IT knowledge is needed! And should you need help finding your way around the platform, Squickmon’s lifetime customer support is included in the sale of every product.

Plasma tables have an important plus for anyone doing cutting in your shop: you will no longer have a need to handle a dangerous torch. As long as you take the proper safety precautions, a CNC plasma table is a very safe tool. Precautions include distancing it from other objects in your shop—25 feet is a good rule of thumb—and ensuring that it is well ventilated and properly grounded. You should also wear personal protective equipment, to include fire resistant clothing and protective eyewear. When these measures are taken, the table can be operated very safely.

Our CNC plasma tables can be purchased in stages. You can purchase a basic package now and add upgrades as you need or want them.

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The few drawbacks to using a CNC plasma table include the upfront cost, the hardness of the edges resulting from the heat of the cut, and the fact that some parts fabricated from the table may contain dross, although this factor is being continually minimized due to constant advances made in the performance of these products.

Is a Plasma Table Worth It?

This question will be answered by a number of factors determined by the nature of your business. Are you spending money on parts that could be more cheaply fabricated in-house? Do you have the space for a plasma table? Do you require the convenience of being able to print parts and other items on demand? Could you leverage the table to expand your business into other areas or to serve other markets?

Squickmon’s is an industry leader in engineering automation, and we have a solution for every business. If you still have questions about whether a CNC plasma table is right for you, we’re just a phone call away. Our experts would be happy to advise you; often we can alert you of considerations you might not have thought of.

Contact our knowledgeable representatives today at 877-916-7477. We are here to serve you!

 Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson

Simon Patterson is the owner and founder of Squickmon's Engineering & Engineering. With over 15 years of fabrication and manufacturing experience, alongside a mechanical engineering degree, he knows exactly what it takes to create a quality product for small fabrication shops as well as large industrial manufacturing companies. He set out to create a company that stands by their products with confidence as well as integrity. His goal was to build a company with a strong foundation, quality product, satisfied customers, and a product that is 100 percent designed and built in the USA.

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