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MACHINE SIZES: 4X8, 5X10, 6X12

Made in the USA




All Elihu HD Series CNC Plasma Table systems are set up to run Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics conventional plasma power supplies. If there is ever a need to upgrade to a larger plasma system, simply unplug the current unit and plug in the new power supply using the compatible CPC port located on the back panel of the new unit.

True Turn Key Systems:

Elihu HD Series system ships with a heavy-duty .1875” thick fully welded steel frame and completely assembled. If electrical and air supply is prepared before machine arrival, a complete system set up takes less than 45 minutes to be fully operational and cutting.

(Onsite training is available to all customers in the United States, but not required)

Engineered and Tested:

Squickmon’s designs, manufactures, and tests all CNC plasma table machinery that is released. You can be confident that your system will perform to its full capabilities. Our team of software, electrical, and mechanical engineers work together to design and build the best system available in the Lite Industrial market.

Advanced Dynamic Height Sensing:

The Elihu HD Series CNC plasma table system includes dynamic torch height control (DTHC). This system has a responsive feedback control that adjusts quickly and precisely several times per second to maintain accurate cutting height; this is generated through monitoring voltage reading from the torch tip to the material. With advanced features like DTHC sampling and DTHC on/off control, it allows the operator to fine-tune the cut height settings with just a few clicks within the software. No more adjusting arc voltage settings mid-way through the cut to maintain cutting height. This allows the fully integrated solution to do the work for you, increasing cut quality and consumable life.

New Z-Axis Design:

The new Z-axis assembly consists of a proven linear slide design that is composed of 9 roller bearings (4 adjustable, 5 fixed).  This CNC plasma table design was selected to hold up against the harsh Industrial environment by eliminating the recirculating bearings close to the cutting zone. The assembly incorporates an integrated ball screw drive that provides the DTHC with smooth and frictionless movement; it also allows for expansion capabilities including pneumatic etching, Sharpie marker functions, oxy-fuel cutting, and other multi process options that can be configured within one universal design (upgraded software option required).

Spring Retract Collision Head:

All CNC plasma tables now include a collision detection head. This advanced torch holder design eliminates the use of a break away torch mount, in which a break away system will physically dismount the torch if it encounters an obstruction. Our collision system will automatically reposition itself back to its exact location without any operator assistance. This design uses proximity sensors that will trigger if the torch body moves within 2 degrees relative to its 90-degree cutting position. This holder design also comes standard with 2 axis torch squaring to ensure that the torch can be adjusted, allowing for perpendicularity to the cutting surface.

All Elihu HD Series systems include Myplasm software package with built in basic CAD, CAM, and CNC. Squickmon’s Arc Pro Automation Software option is available for an additional charge. If Myplasm systems are upgraded within the first 6 months of owning any Elihu Series machine they are eligible for 80% trade in value towards the Arc Pro Automation software. (Myplasm includes all features below without  X, Arc

Pro Automation includes all features below)

Our software has been designed with complete compatibility in mind: no matter the industry, it will meet the need of file sharing and integration. Whether the need is to focus manufacturing on one specific industry or in a setting that services several industries, our customers can be confident that they have purchased a product that provides robust solutions to all their needs.

Industries Squickmon’s machines already serve:

  • Signs Building

  • Metal Art and Decorative Metal

  • Structural Steel

  • Machining

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Automotive / Off-road

  • Film and Production

  • Extreme Sports

  • Agricultural

  • Tools and Equipment

  • Marketing


All Elihu Lite CNC Plasma systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona.

Gantry construction consists of .625” machined aluminum end plates that supports a sheet metal formed crossbeam with lower joining member. The cross beam is supported by 2 sheet metal formed end supports ensuring square engagement and rigidity. This design was chosen for gantry rigidity eliminating beam vibration and deflection. This rigidity guarantees that there will not be harmonic oscillations that translate through the gantry bridge to the cut. While keeping the gantry hollow and the weight low it allows the Elihu HD Series to support acceleration rates that will produce excellent cut quality and create minimal slag or dross build up.

The gantry system attains motion through a rack and pinion drive system paired with 3:1 reduction to increase the output drive torque and provide more precise motion. The reduction system is designed to be fully enclosed with a slim form factor that engages with the gear rack through a spring tension pinion gear. This system is implemented to maintain proper gear meshing while eliminating backlash within the system. The reduction system increases the number of steps per rotation which improves position accuracy, directly correlating to higher cut resolution. What this means for the designer or operator is that when an image or design is generated, they can expect dimensional correctness and detailed cuts from the final product.

The HD frame is constructed from .1875” formed steel and fully welded, unlike the lite model the HD frame design has an optional integrated bladder system that increases machine frame mass whereas the lite model offers a lightweight aluminum bladder system. When CNC plasma cutters operate up to 600ipm-1200ipm during rapid travel, and cut complex geometry between 3-400ipm, there are vibrations and inertia that occur in cycles during the operation of the machine. It is important that while these forces and movements are taking place the CNC plasma machine is rigidly grounded and does not experience motion at every structural joint of the machine; with the HD system and it’s fully welded assembly the total weight between machine sizes ranges from 2800-4100lbs offering complete frame rigidity and strength.

Linear components are critical parts to any piece of cutting equipment. They allow the CNC plasma cutter system to operate with smooth motion through the cutting process, produce accurate parts, and yield long lasting repeatability.  All Elihu Series systems come standard with precise linear motion components on all 3 axes. The X and Y-axis motion components consist of recirculating ball bearing linear blocks that ride on 20mm HIWIN style linear rails; the Z-axis utilizes sealed roller bearing cassettes. Sealed roller bearings are chosen to reduce the effects that plasma smoke would have if it were to contact the ball bearings. The recirculating ball bearings on all Elihu Series Systems need to be properly maintained, preventing premature failure and rough linear motion.

The Elihu CNC Plasma Table Series includes sheet metal coverings for all axis drive motor mechanisms. The enclosure design is constructed from 16g mild steel and is TIG welded with a final powder coated finish. The machine enclosures increase rigidity while also providing sufficient protection to electronic connections and spring tension drive reduction systems. These enclosures have been impact tested to make certain that if an accident occurs your machine is protected.

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  • Powermax 45XP, Air, 45 Amps

  • Powermax 65, Air, 65 Amps

  • Powermax 85, Air, 85 Amps

3 Phase Only

  • Powermax 105, Air, 105 Amps (208V)

  • Powermax125, Air, 125 Amps (480V)

  • Cutmaster A40 45XP, Air, 40 Amps

  • Cutmaster A60, Air, 60 Amps

  • Cutmaster A80, Air, 80 Amps

  • Powermax 120, Air, 120 Amps



  • Slim Linear Actuator Design (Increasing Cutting Area)

  • 6.5″ Lifter Height (Included on all HD Series)

  • Internal Wiring Harness Sub Assembly (For easy diagnosis and repair)

  • Integrated Multi-Process Pneumatic Actuator Scribe and Marker

  • Protective Front Enclosure (Covering linear components and Pneumatic cylinders)

  • Rear Enclosure Protection (Covering Motor Reduction System)

  • Enclosed Cable Carrier (Assisting with management of collision detection wiring and pneumatic hoses)

  • Scribe & Marker Compatible (Available only for Arc PRO Automation Professional Software Package)

Maverick front Z-axis Assembly Enclosure


  • Fully Welded Frame Design (constructed from 3/16 plate)

  • Rigid Design To Counteract Vibrations and Inertia

  • Dropped Side Rail Design for 3 Side Material Loading

  • 6″ Deep Water Pan

  • Recessed Transfer Rollers On All 4 Sides (For Material Loading)

  • 4″ Diameter Leveling Feet With Rubber Pads (3/4-11 Thread)

  • Machined gear rack mounting surface (Easily replaceable)

  • Extended Frame Along Y-Axis For Gantry Parking Zone

  • Removable / Replaceable Slat Holders

  • Optional Air Bladder available with holding capacity of 2 times upper pan capacity.


  • 225 Degree Pivoting Pedestal Arm Rotation

  • 360 Degree Monitor Rotation & 10 inch Height Adjustment  (Allowing for Easy Screen Viewing Angles and Ergonomic Screen Placement)

  • Full Enclosures With Easy Wire Harness Routing

  • Wiring Harness Protection and Consolidation

  • Hidden 3 Receptacle Power strip

  • Integrated Emergency Stop and Torch ON/OFF

Collision Detection Head Assembly 1.PNG


  • 2 Axis Squaring For Torch Setup (Referred To In Hypertherm Manual)

  • Dual Collision Proximity Sensors (Allowing For Program Stop Within 2 Degrees Out Of Alignment)

  • Front Floating Proximity Sensor (Secondary Touch Off Option If Ohmic Fails To Sense Material)

  • Indexing Cones Design (Provides Torch  Relocating of True Position)

  • Unique Hexagon Geometry (Unlike Competitors Our Collision Detection Head Is Designed And Manufactured By Squickmon’s in the USA)

  • Integrated Positive Z-Axis Homing (No Material Loading Required For Homing)


  • ​All Elihu HD Series Systems are Offered in the Sizes Below​

    • 4X8

    • 5X10

    • 6X12

    Machined .625″ T6 6061 Aluminum Gantry Side Plates

  • Hiwin Style Linear Rail System Across X & Y-Axis with Recirculating Ball Bearing Cassettes (Creating Smooth Linear Motion)

  • 15,000lb Loading Capacity (For processing material from 26g – 6″ Plate)

  • 2″ Slat Offset (Helps with Tipped parts when Cutting)

  • 6.5″ Gantry Clearance (Beneficial When Cutting Large Part profiles, Beams, and Tubing)

  • 16g Steel Gantry Enclosure Protection (Guards Motors And Reduction Assemblies From Impact)

  • Adjustment for Gantry Squaring and Homing Switch Positions

  • 3/16 Fully Welded Steel Frame (Extremely Rigid)

  • All Elihu HD Series Systems are Sized To Fit A Standard Sheet Width Relative To Their Designated Machine Size Plus 1-2″ Oversized For Cutting Area (Example a 4×8 Machine has a minimum of 49″x97″ Cutting Area)

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