Additional Information


Additional Information

All of our CNC Equipment carry a full 5 year warranty on all Electronics and mechanical components, we support and warranty all of the most expensive parts on the machine. 

This includes the rack and pinion gears, frame construction, linear components, power supply, AC components, wiring, logic control cards, expansion modules, interface cards, motors, and the motor drives on all Tables.

 (PC includes standard 1 year manufacturers warranty)
5 years warranty

Free lifetime tech support is included on all Tables purchased. At Squickmon’s Engineering & Automation we will do whatever it takes to give all our customers the best support available. 

“We would like to build the best relationship possible with all of our customers and in order to achieve this we know that it is critical to be there for them when they need us!”

Founder Simon Patterson

tech support

We supply full licenses to our control software along with a stand alone license that you can run on any additional windows 10 PC.

Educational Institutes get up to 10 licenses included with a purchase of any Squickmon’s cutting systems.

All of our systems run either our fully integrated Arc Professional Automation software with built in CAD, CAM, and CNC; or MyPlasm CAM/CNC Interphase. All customers have the option to design on their software of choice and easily import directly into Arc Professional as a dxf or dwg (MyPlasm only allows dxf importing without editing ability). If you are learning for the first time and want to minimize the learning curve, Arc Professional has every thing you need all built into one Software.

cnc plasma system software
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