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Squickmon’s Engineering & Automation has progressively grown over the years, from fabrication and manufacturing to engineering and innovation. We are known today for manufacturing robotics and Automation equipment. If you are interested in knowing more about how we started visit our story page.

We proudly stand as an American company. Our products are engineered and manufactured here in the USA. Our team of engineers are hard at work innovating and working on ways to help your company strive in efficiency, repeat-ability, and quality. We are here for you, it is our goal to assist you in manufacturing processes and to increase productivity.


At Squickmon’s Engineering & Automation it is our vision to provide American companies with affordable manufacturing capabilities allowing them to grow and innovate faster and with less limitations. We want to see what YOU are capable of with the right equipment available to you. We are striving to be the leading manufacturer in automated metal working with a product you can rely on and tech support you can count on. We promise to not only help you but educate you in the process.

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